becker capital investment process  


We utilize a team-oriented investment process which is objective, repeatable and consistently applied. The major components of our process include the following:

Step 1: Idea Generation

We generate our own ideas at Becker Capital, leveraging the collective experience of our investment team. In addition, we employ a quantitative screen of the broad market. Ideas passing our initial criteria become part of the firm’s “Monitor List” representing potential investment ideas for research and fundamental analysis.

Step 2: Research

We perform proprietary bottom-up, fundamental analysis on each company in order to build a weight-of-the-evidence case. A written investment thesis is distributed to the portfolio management team prior to formal team discussion. Each potential investment must meet established criteria in order to be added to the firm’s Buy List. If it doesn’t measure up, it is rejected or subject to further analysis.

Step 3: Portfolio Construction

We build a diversified portfolio designed to meet client objectives. In selecting stocks from the firms “Buy List” which contains stocks of varying market capitalizations, the team invests in the best values while at the same time constructing a portfolio that is diversified by industry.

Step 4: Portfolio Monitoring

We monitor fundamental changes of every stock and attempt to identify problem companies early. We also monitor the portfolio as a whole to ensure compliance with client guidelines. The team's strict adherence to a sell discipline ensures the decision making process remains dispassionate and relies on the merits of our philosophy.  
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