Overall Morningstar Rating™
Out of 1,169 Large Cap Value Funds as of 6/30/16. Derived from weighted average of the performance figures associated with its 3-, 5- and 10 year Morningstar Rating metrics, based on risk-adjusted returns.

In 2003 Becker Capital Management launched the Becker Value Equity Fund. For more than three decades, Becker Capital Management demonstrated that prudent, value-oriented stock selection and the compounding of returns can create and help preserve wealth. With the creation of the Becker Value Equity Fund, our growing client base gains access to our value-driven, large cap value strategy.

Why the Becker Value Equity Fund?

We believe the market provides opportunities to invest in traditional "absolute" value companies and more growth oriented companies that have fallen out of favor in the eyes of investors and are trading at attractive "relative" valuations. This philosophy is based on time-tested evidence that stocks whose valuations reflect low expectations on the part of investors have historically produced excellent returns over the course of an investment cycle.

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